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The remainder of this article will look at some types of wrongful termination. Even if you do not see your exact situation listed, please do not hesitate to reach out for a personal analysis of your case.

Violating an Anti-Discrimination Law

Unfortunately, one of the most common types of wrongful termination is when an employer fires someone based on a protected class. These classes include race, color, religion/creed, sex, age, nationality/ancestry, disability, and veteran status. Other factors may also apply.

Sex discrimination could include firing you because you are or might become pregnant. Age discrimination might come in the form of forced retirement. There are too many examples to list — please contact us so one of our attorneys can provide relevant information.

Breach of Employment Contract

Employers typically write employment contracts that heavily favor their own positions. However, even as an at-will employee, you probably have rights of which you are unaware.

Our attorneys are able to help review and respond to employment contracts. We also help our clients determine if a given termination was in breach of contract.

Firing a Whistleblower / Retaliatory Termination

It is illegal for an employer to terminate your employment because you blew the whistle on activity you believed to be in violation of state or federal law. This activity might include anything from reporting office crimes to sharing documents proving tax evasion.

The ideal time to contact a lawyer is probably before you share whistleblower information with authorities. However, North Suburban Legal Services, LLC., can also handle the more complex types of cases that begin after employers wrongfully terminate employment.

Creating a Hostile Work Environment

Employers sometimes act more subtly than simply firing you. Instead, they might create a hostile work environment. If you feel threatened, singled out, or intimidated at work, you might be able to form a case.

Hostile work environments typically consist of various forms of verbal and physical harassment. Even if this situation makes you feel like quitting, please speak with an attorney before doing so.

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