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Employer-Side Wrongful Termination Cases in Chicago and the Suburbs

Workers often feel wronged when they are fired. However, a successful wrongful termination claim against your company would have to prove a violation of an employment contract or a public policy.

More often than not, employees do not have specific contracts. Employees without contracts in Illinois are employed “at will”.

At-will employees may quit for essentially any reason. Similarly, you may fire your at-will employees for any reason — as long as that reason is not illegal. Here are some of the times when firing an at-will employee might violate the law:

  • Discrimination based on any number of civil rights laws, such as the ADA, ADEA, or the Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • Retaliatory firing, such as for filing for workers’ compensation or becoming a whistleblower
  • Terminating an employee for taking or attempting to take leave (such as is allowed under the FMLA)

Please note that wrongful termination claims in Illinois might also arise if the employee quits. This is called constructive discharge. In these cases, the argument against you would likely be that you created a hostile work environment and made it necessary to quit.

Quick Overview of Wrongful Termination in Illinois

Wrongful termination claims could result in significant losses for your company. As such, a strategic approach is often necessary, and some business owners do legal research proactively. Here is an example of an inclusive strategy:

  • Drafting of contracts and policies with termination in mind
  • Pre-termination research for each firing
  • Assessing your liability/risk from potential or actual wrongful termination claims
  • Determining the company’s best interests in light of evidence
  • Seeking dismissal of frivolous lawsuits
  • Resolving the situation as is most appropriate — via severance negotiation, settlement, or litigation

Representing Illinois Businesses in Employment Conflicts

If you believe you are at risk, we urge you to contact one of our employment attorneys. We are available to represent companies in lawsuits, assess risk factors, or proactively consult regarding your company policies.

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