Why You Should Never Speak To The IRS Without A Tax Lawyer

You may want to call the IRS if you have a tax problem but should you? US taxpayers should remember not to communicate directly with the IRS. They had a lot of power, and their agents are trained to deal with people with tax problems. Fortunately, there are ways to deal with the IRS that will resolve your tax problems. Our Chicago tax lawyers can assist you with your IRS problem.

When Do You Need A Chicago Tax Lawyer?

If you have questions about unfiled returns, taxes you have not paid, or being audited, you should talk to an attorney. A tax attorney offers valuable insights into federal tax laws. They also provide essential tax planning, audit advance, and legal representation. Some of the common issues that require the help of a tax lawyer are:

  • Garnished wages
  • IRS tax issues
  • Audit representation
  • Negotiating a tax dispute
  • Local and state tax issues

Tax Lawyers Understand The Law

Unless you are a CPA or attorney, you probably are not well-versed in IRS tax laws. Your attorney is. You can rely on your tax lawyer to have plenty of experience handling financial and tax issues such as yours. If you choose a good attorney, you can bet that your attorney will provide the best outcome for your case.

Remember, the tax code changes yearly, and you will not be aware of many of these changes. But your Chicago tax lawyer will know the latest codes and how they apply to your tax case.

Addressing Unfiled Tax Returns

Another reason to refer your tax case to a tax attorney is they can help you with unfiled tax returns. All taxpayers are required to file a return with the IRS every year. Once the tax agency learns you have unfiled returns, it may be harder to address the situation without heavy fines or even a criminal referral.

If you do not file a return and they find out about it, the IRS can create a Substitute for Returns or SFR. The SFR does not have deductions you may have been able to get when you should have filed the return. Next, the IRS will calculate your interest and penalties on the amount on the SFR. So you will owe more on the SFR and will have more penalties and interest.

The good news is your attorney can help you file your unfiled returns, so you get the best treatment from the IRS. In addition, after you file your unfiled returns, you may qualify for a payment agreement or other program.

Setting Up A Payment Plan

When you hire a tax attorney to represent you, they can help set up a plan to pay your past taxes. In addition, the IRS will usually allow you a payment plan to get the taxes you owe but cannot pay today. The payment plan will help you to set up monthly payments when you can only pay part of the amount. Yes, you can do this on your own in many cases, but most clients find better results if they have a tax attorney do it.

Getting An Offer In Compromise

Sometimes, a Chicago tax attorney can help you settle what you owe for less than the total amount. The IRS will review your taxable income, how much you can afford to pay, assets, and unpaid taxes to see if you can settle it. After you pay the amount the IRS wants, the rest of what you owe is forgiven. An experienced Chicago tax lawyer will offer compromise experience that will help determine if you qualify for this assistance.

Assistance With Audits

Most of us do not want to be audited by the IRS. However, if you go through the experience alone, you may not get the best outcome. You also may need to learn how to ensure that the IRS audit does not violate your rights. Having a tax attorney in your corner will provide a better result and peace of mind.

Penalty Abatement

Experienced tax attorneys know how to do penalty abatement. They can often help to get penalties lower or removed. Note that the penalties for filing late tax returns may be high. As a result, the penalty can be more than what you owe. This could be thousands of dollars more, so an attorney can help.

Removing these penalties will make it easier to afford your taxes. Also, your tax attorney can set up a payment agreement for the balance after they remove the penalties.

Will The IRS Be Upset If You Hire A Chicago Tax Lawyer?

Many people with tax problems may wonder if the IRS will get upset with them if they hire an attorney. In most cases, the answer is no. Most IRS agents like to deal with tax lawyers skilled in tax protection because the IRS does not have to spend hours with you explaining tax basics. Your Chicago tax lawyer has seen it all and is the best person to deal with the IRS

Once in a while, a tax attorney hears an agent say that the client does not need a tax attorney. However, you need a tax lawyer more than ever if this happens. Note that IRS tax laws state that the agency must stop an interview if the person says they want to talk to their tax attorney. Therefore, an IRS agent who tells you not to speak to a lawyer may be breaking the law.

Contact Our Chicago Tax Lawyers For Legal Assistance

A Chicago tax attorney can assist you with many complicated tax problems. You are always better off hiring a lawyer than dealing with the IRS alone. Your attorney will represent you in front of the IRS and ensure you get the best treatment. Our Chicago tax lawyers at North Suburban Legal Services can help with your tax problems and provide tax protection. Please contact us today for a complimentary IRS tax consultation at (312) 909-6089.




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