Why It Is Crucial to Retain Payroll Attorneys in Chicago

Payroll taxes fund Social Security, Medicare, and other key social insurance programs. As an employer, you need to ensure your company is handling payroll taxes properly. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) notes an employer has a basic responsibility to collect and remit employment taxes. Any issues should be addressed in a proactive manner. Here, our Chicago payroll attorneys explain why it is crucial to retain professional representation if you have payroll tax questions.

Three Reasons to Hire a Payroll Tax Lawyer in Chicago, Illinois  

Payroll tax lawyers help businesses, organizations, and entrepreneurs navigate complex federal and state regulations. You may be wondering: How can a payroll tax attorney in Chicago help my business? The answer is payroll tax lawyers can offer guidance with a wide range of different matters. Among other things, a skilled Chicago payroll tax attorney can help with: 

  • Implementation of Payroll Tax Reporting Procedures: You should have well-crafted payroll tax reporting and payment protocols in place. With the right system, you can avoid payroll tax problems. An experienced Chicago payroll tax lawyer can help your business or organization create and implement effective payroll tax procedures.
  • Resolving Civil Disputes and Reaching a Settlement With the IRS: Does the IRS say your Chicago-area business owes money in payroll taxes? If so, you are certainly not alone. Mistakes happen. Whether it was the accidental underpayment of payroll taxes or a mistake by the agency, a top-rated Chicago payroll tax lawyer can help you work out a settlement.
  • Defense Against a Criminal Payroll Tax Investigation: As a general matter, payroll tax deficiencies are handled as a civil matter. A business owner could face criminal charges if authorities believe they intentionally falsified payroll records or otherwise committed fraud. If you or your company is facing a criminal payroll tax fraud investigation, it is crucial that you consult with an attorney immediately.

Payroll Taxes are Complicated — Quick Action Helps to Facilitate Solutions

Are you struggling with your company’s payroll tax responsibilities? If so, please know many other companies have had similar issues. With payroll tax matters, a proactive approach can make a tremendous difference. Should you have any payroll problems, it is best to retain a qualified attorney as soon as possible. Whether you are setting up your business or having problems with the IRS, it is much easier to find a cost-effective solution if you take swift action. An attorney will ensure your company takes advantage of all potential opportunities to save money and avoid tax hassles. 

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