Ways A Schaumburg Business Lawyer Can Protect Your Interests

Business law in Illinois deals with every legal aspect that may affect business and commerce. Business law means interpreting and enforcing many state and federal laws intended to protect everyone involved in the economy, and having an attorney to help you is important. If you have questions about protecting your business or dealing with a particular business law, our Schaumburg business lawyer at North Suburban Legal Services can help.

Business Lawyer Overview

So, what does a business lawyer do every day? You can think of your business lawyer as your firm’s legal ally. If you ever run into a legal question or dispute that comes up during your business’s management or day-to-day operations, you can ask your business attorney to step in. In a given week, a business law attorney may engage in the following services:

  • Contracts: Many companies usually use their business attorney to draft, review, enforce, or dispute all contracts.
  • Reactionary: Many businesses hire a business lawyer only when dealing with a claim, lawsuit, or other type of dispute.
  • General counsel: Other companies keep their business lawyer available to be their general counsel with any legal issue or question.

Business Formation

Your business lawyer can provide expert guidance on the correct legal structure for your new business. Sometimes this is referred to as an LLC attorney, who is vital before you form your business legal entity.

Your attorney will help you choose the proper business structure for your firm, whether it is a sole proprietorship, LLC, corporation, or partnership. They also will help with the required paperwork to form the company, including filing articles of incorporation.

Additionally, a business law attorney can help you write partnership agreements or operating agreements. These are important because they define the responsibilities and roles of each business owner. They also are vital for getting the proper permits and licenses to operate the business according to state, federal, and local laws.


Complying with state and federal tax laws is challenging when operating a business. Your business lawyer’s advice can help you avoid tax problems now and in the future. They also will look for deductions and credits that can save you cash during tax season.

Further, your business lawyer can advise on building an adequate recordkeeping system to make it easier to file taxes. They also will keep you up to date on tax filing deadlines and due dates. Many business owners discover it is a relief to focus on running the business while their lawyer ensures compliance with tax laws.

Creating Contracts

Contracts dictate all business relationships with clients, customers, and suppliers. Your business lawyer will ensure that your contracts give your company high protection. They will also review supplier contracts and advise if you should sign on.

The correct contract is even more critical when you go into business with friends or family members. Unfortunately, many well-intended business plans go quickly sidewise with friends and family because proper contracts are not in place. Your attorney will write contracts that protect your interests and rights.

Also, your business lawyer will write a contract for customers outlining what you provide and how and when you will be paid. Your contract needs will vary depending on whether you sell a product or service. Also, remember special contracts for contractors and consultants. Your lawyer will write contracts detailing their work for you and when they are compensated.

Dispute Resolution

Sometimes disputes in business are unavoidable, and your attorney can help. They can give you legal advice, draft and file relevant legal documents, negotiate on your behalf, and even represent you in court. They also can help you skirt disputes by offering legal guidance to resolve problems before they get out of hand.

Employment Contracts

Employment law gets complicated quickly. You must understand state and federal laws when hiring and firing people. A well-written employment contract must be laid at the foundation of every employer/employee relationship that spells out what is expected from both sides. The contract should state how the employee’s work will be compensated and the benefits received.

Your attorney will know how to write an employment contract that will stand up to scrutiny. The contract should have the following features:

  • Expresses the need to respect confidentiality
  • Noncompete clauses that reduce the ability to approach your clients if they start to work for a competitor
  • Prevents former workers from stealing data that belongs to your firm, which is a significant issue in recruitment consulting

Assets, Cash, And Property Protection

Your business lawyer will ensure that your company’s assets and cash, including intellectual property, are legally protected. Your attorney also can aid you with copyright applications and trademark registrations.

Suppose an outside contractor and consultant handle proprietary information when working for you. Your lawyer may add a nondisclosure agreement to their work contract. The NDA can deal with everything from client lists to product plans and anything valuable to the business.

Your attorney also can write a liability waiver to protect yourself from criminal prosecution if a client or customer hurts themselves on your property. This is a good idea for a restaurant, bar, or any venue welcoming the public onto their property.

Represent You In Court

Your business attorney’s job is to keep you out of court. If you file a lawsuit or one is filed against you, your attorney and the defendant’s lawyer will try to settle the matter before it goes to court. Reaching an amicable settlement costs everyone fewer legal fees and takes less time.

But if the attorneys cannot reach an agreement, your lawyer will be with you all the time to guide you during the complex legal process. They also may help you propose a settlement to resolve the matter at a lower cost.

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Operating a business efficiently can be challenging by yourself, so many business owners retain an experienced business lawyer to help them. If you have business questions, our Schaumburg business lawyer at North Suburban Legal Services can help at  (312) 909-6089. Working with a business lawyer gives you an advocate to represent your rights and interests, such as during a business dispute.




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