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Issues that might arise under the subject of labor law and specifically unemployment defense are often complex and unpredictable. Current economic situations negatively affected not only employees but also employers. Many business owners struggle within their regular course of business. Instead of helping small and medium-size corporations and encouraging people to open new business entities, the government placed multiple burdens on business owners. For example, unemployment benefits were extended, and its premium was increased. Moreover, the state of Illinois made a step further and amended its Wage Payment and Collection Act, by adding fines and even making it possible to hold employers criminally liable.

Do You Need to Respond to an Unemployment Benefits Claim Filed by an Employee Against Your Business?

The process of filing and claiming unemployment benefits in Illinois is very relaxed and significantly favors employees. If you are an Illinois employer with at least 2 employees, contact our office today for a free initial consultation.

The attorneys at North Suburban Legal Services are experience unemployment defense lawyers that represent businesses of all sizes throughout Illinois. If you are a last chargeable employer and an employee is successful in his or her claim, you will pay higher unemployment insurance benefit tax deductions, which may slow down your company’s growth. Because of the relaxed nature of these rules, any employee with or without grounds for a claim can easily file a complaint. Moreover, the burden is on you, the employer to prove that an employee is not eligible for unemployment benefits. If you do not respond, the employee automatically wins, even if he or she was fired for misconduct, and your unemployment deduction tax rate will automatically go up.

Should You Hire an Unemployment Defense Lawyer?

It depends. The rules of procedure are very specific and difficult. Because of the caseload that IDES has to deal with, the case-workers or referees do not allow too much of a latitude. They would rather grant an unemployment benefits claim and move on to the next case than go into the merits of it. This would be true, of course, if you do not act. There are some unemployment defense cases that employers can win on their own. But the majority of unemployment defense issues are very specific, and the employer would need either to spend lots of time researching the topic or hire somebody else to do it. Our law firm has been dealing with unemployment defense issues for a very long time and represents small, medium, and large businesses as well as corporations.

Contact a Chicago Unemployment Defense Lawyer Today

If an unemployment benefits claim was filed against your business by an employee, it is in your best interest to hire an experienced attorney. Contact North Suburban Legal Services today to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our unemployment defense lawyers today.




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