North Suburban Legal Services LLC is a Chicago area employment law firm with extensive experience representing employers in ADA lawsuits.

The Americans with Disabilities Act was intended to protect people with disabilities in the workplace and in the public sphere. It has accomplished good things, such as providing wheelchair access on public transportation.

Unfortunately for many companies across the country, the ADA also forms the backdrop for a large number of frivolous claims of accessibility violations. These lawsuits could be brought by nearly anyone and target nearly any aspect of a business, such as:

  • Elements of brick-and-mortar facilities, such as bathrooms, hotel rooms, or entrances
  • Hiring processes
  • Workplace culture
  • Company websites

Successful cases could result in significant losses for a company. Although many claims are baseless, we urge you to contact us at (312) 909-6089 before you have any further communication with an adverse party or make any assumptions about the validity of a lawsuit.

Comprehensive Legal Services for Defending Companies Against ADA Claims

We represent clients throughout greater Chicagoland and in all of Illinois from our offices in Schaumburg and the Loop. Our attorneys have extensive experience in ADA lawsuit defense for businesses.

Our goal is simple. We want to identify your risk, reduce it as much as possible, and resolve any disputes in the best interest of your company.

We fight for the dismissal of baseless, manufactured claims of non-compliance. When plaintiffs prepare stronger cases, we are prepared to negotiate fair settlements or defend you in trial.

The most efficient ADA defense strategies are typically preparation and prevention. Our experienced attorneys also provide the following proactive services:

  • Reviewing employment and record-keeping policies
  • Drafting contracts
  • Performing pre-termination assessments and developing action plans
  • Providing company-specific risk-reduction programs

The ADA Explained in Brief

The ADA is a federal law put into effect in 1990. The goal was to remove excess barriers and promote accessibility for people with disabilities. “Disability” has a broad definition, ranging from motor impairment to emotional disorders.

The ADA has several sections, called “titles”, which each define certain categories of protection. There are two titles that feature most commonly in claims against small-to-medium size businesses:

  • Accommodations and anti-discrimination guidelines for people with disabilities in employment (and during hiring)
  • Equitable access to areas of public accommodation, including but not limited to shops, restaurants, offices, and event spaces

The ADA also has several other sections that you are less likely to encounter as a small-business owner. They include terms about:

  • Accessibility in broadcasting and telecommunications
  • Equal access to government programs, events, and public transportation
  • Retaliation against people for filing (or participating in) ADA claims

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